News: Skype Hits 25 Million!

Skype Hits 25 Million!

Skype has been used to do many stuff from dual commentary videos to calling and finding out what your friends have been up to, and now skype has hit 25, 000, 000. Which is truly amazing. Who would have thought a man making a free calling and video chatting service would get over 25 million people to sign up.

Also while we're still on the figure, skype announced that in 2009, 113billion minutes worth of skype to skype calls. Which proves how spectacular the internet is and what people can do with their computers for free.

I wonder what skype are planning, what their next big thing is, because I can't wait. There might even be new services that might be inspired by skype and the interest of video chatting online, face to face. 

Skype Hits 25 Million!

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